What A Loved One With Depression Needs To Hear From You

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Our loved ones can be anyone who we truly care about, family, friends or co-workers. It is truly heartbreaking when those we care about are suffering in any way and we feel an immediate need to help those we love. Mental illness sometimes can go undetected until it is too late but it is important to observe the signs and symptoms that individuals with a mental illness exhibits. Depression can be experienced by any and everyone, some suffer from momentary bouts of depression whiles others suffer more long term . In the event that one of your loved ones are suffering from depression these key points are important to remember when dealing with that love one.

Remember that depression is an illness. An illness can be defined as a period of sickness affecting the body or mind. It is important to note that an illness has a time frame in which it operates and just like a cough or a cold it will not magically disappear with one treatment. Exercise patience with your love one when dealing with issues that arise as a result of depression. Patience is a virtue that will be highly rewarded when dealing with a loved one with depression. Having patience will allow that person to deal with their depression and not feel like an added burden which can worsen depression and cause suicidal thoughts.’

Understand that you will not fully understand what that person is going through but learn to be empathetic to them. Empathy shows that you understand and share their feelings. Offering a listening ear is also vital. However, it is important that when speaking with your love one you practice active listening because that person may not openly say what is causing their depression or they might not know the proper words to phrase their issues so do not dismiss their words as nonsense. In fact, regard conversations with that individual as important because within conversations pieces of the underlying issues of their depression might come out.

Surround yourself with positivity because when a love one has depression , like any other illness it sometimes becomes contagious. When you try your best to help that person and it does not work , you yourself might become depressed. It is very important to surround yourself with positivity and try your best to spread as much positive energy as you can . Our bodies produce high levels of energy and when we share that energy with others it becomes a vital part of our well being. Share your positive energy with your love one and remind them why it is important to have a positive outlook on things.

Since depression is an illness , it is important that you seek help from a specialist . Your love ones may feel like it is something that they can handle on their own but after a period of time and no noticeable changes in that persons emotional and mental well being, it is important as a friend or family to advice your love one to seek professional help. Remember that like any other illness if left untreated, depression can worsen.

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