Ways You're Sabotaging Yourself

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Don’t you want to reach your full potential? To be the best that you can be? We all do, but many of us don’t seem to get there. Sometimes, it is because of things that are completely out of our control. But most times we’re the ones holding ourselves back. Hopefully this article can help you to reflect on your life and make changes to stop sabotaging yourself.

1. Taking things too personally

What are your thoughts when someone doesn’t text you back right away? If you think it’s because they hate you, then you may be taking things too personally. Too many of us get into a narcissistic thought-trap and believe that everyone else plans their lives around us. Relax, not everything is about you.

2. Poorly managing your time

We live in a world where we will happily spend 3 hours looking at cat videos, but complain about reading a personal development book or developing an epic business plan. If you’re not working with a schedule and allocating time for work and play, you’ll soon be 65 and wondering what you did with your life.

3. Disregarding your failures

When you focus on your successes and ignore your failures you’re setting yourself up for even more failure. Yes, failures can be embarrassing or even soul-crushing, but they teach you how to be resilient and to do better next time. Brushing them under the rug isn’t going to help with your personal growth.

4. Comparing yourself to others

See if you can relate to this: you go on social media and see pictures and videos of your acquaintances having the most fun, whether at a party, or on vacation. You then get jealous and feel like they’re having more fun that you ever will. But don’t be fooled. People usually put their best moments on social media and their lives are probably just like yours.

5. Being controlled by your discomforts

Many times, persons don’t reach their best potential because they are afraid of uncomfortable situations. Is this you? Risk-taking is scary, but sometimes the potentially good outcomes far exceed the potentially bad ones. So go ahead and talk to that cute guy or gal, or volunteer for that public speaking opportunity.

6. Knowing you should make a change, but don’t

If you’re like anyone else on the planet, you probably have some bad habits that need changing. The issue arises when you complain about the problem, instead of actively trying to change your habits.

7. Feeling discouraged by others’ success

Just because you think other people are successful, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t. Success is not black and white – it comes in stages. What is important is that you set goals and stick to them.

8. Staying silent when you shouldn’t

If you have an idea or a suggestion, speak up! Don’t ever think that your input isn’t valued. By staying silent, others around you won’t know your true potential and you may be missing out on many opportunities.

9. Setting the bar too high

Know your limits. While you shouldn’t undervalue yourself, you should set realistic goals about what you’re capable of achieving within a particular time frame. While it’s OK to set realistically high standards, you should also leave some room for disappointments, as these will help you grow in the process.

10. Trying to multitask

How many tabs do you have open on your computer right now? Are you even using them? Focusing on too much things at the same time can be incredibly distracting and counterproductive. Sometimes it is better to give your attention to one thing at a time, instead of barely focusing on a million.  

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