Ways That Yoga Can Improve Your Health

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Yoga can bring about the stilling of natural turbulence’s that occur in life by the conscious shift of energy. The word yoga itself means “union”. It deals with the multidimensional nature of the human being. Yoga is a spiritual Hindu discipline which involves the controlling of one’s breathing, the positioning of the body in various poses and postures and it also highlights simple meditation. "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self" - the Bhagavad Gita. Yoga can help liberate your mind by way of improving the body in the process. Understanding that it is a unifying of the two will help reap the fuller benefits of practicing yoga. Some of the major benefits of yoga include weight lose by creating a better connection with the mind the body is able to stop itself from overeating, because the mind is clear and not constantly thinking which causes it to mindlessly eat. The training of the mind is the ultimate goal of yoga and with this great ability you will be able to benefit from the richness of including yoga in your everyday life.

A major factor in controlling your weight and keeping the body and mind healthy is having control over stress levels. Easy pose or ‘Sukhasana’ involves being in a seated position with thighs pressed to the floor. This pose may look easy but it might pose difficulty to someone who is use to seating in a chair for long periods of time. This pose allows for easy breathing and meditation, it can calm the body and mind releasing negative energies and allowing the body to feel stress free. Other poses that bring about this effect include the Lion Pose ‘Simhasana’ and Cobra Pose ‘Bhujangasana’.

Maintaining and improving your health involves the practice of a better sleeping regimen. Sometimes the days events can keep the mind racing and causes lack of sleep or bouts of insomnia. Yoga can be useful in regulating sleeping patterns for overall improved health. One such pose that offers max benefits to fight insomnia is Corpse pose ‘Savasana”. This pose involves the total relaxation of the muscles and the mind. It may look simplistic but it is the most challenging. It involves laying on your back with your hands slightly spread away from the body with the palms facing towards the heavens and toes pointed and relaxed. Benefits to treat insomnia can also be drawn from these poses and you will wake up to a healthier you. Try Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose ‘Viparita Karani’ and Standing Forward Bend ‘Uttanasana’

To ensure maximum benefits are obtained from yoga it is important that you have the energy to practice it. Energy is a major factor in improving health; with energy you will be able to maintain daily workouts, focus and driven mindset and the ability to control different functions within yourself. Yoga poses to boost energy are most effective for overall health , one of which includes Bridge Pose ‘Setu Bandha Sarvangasana’, this pose involves the raising of the lower back and thighs off the ground and allowing the upper back and neck to stay rested whiles having the hands pulled back under the lifted lower body and clasped together. This pose serves to rejuvenate, restore and energize the body . It will result in overall increase energy and improved health.

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