Unbelievable Medical Practices In History

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Let’s face it, medicine has not always been an exact science and it took many years of trial and error before we figured out how things work and we are still trying to advance our knowledge as we speak by continued experimentation. Over the course of us trying to understand what truly works in healing , greater health and improved performance we came up with some of the most unbelievable medical practices in history. Some of these practices are still performed today whiles others have been deemed to extreme or completely lunatic.

One of these unbelievable medical practices that is still practiced to this day is Urine Therapy . Urine therapy is said to cure many ailments, promotes glowing skin and boosts energy by ridding the body of toxins. To engage in urine therapy one has to consume his/her own urine , bathe in the urine and some would perform urine enemas as well. Urine therapy has no scientific data to support it claims yet many individuals swear to its benefits and it is even practiced in certain cultures and by certain religions

Another unbelievable medical practice that was deemed extreme was children’s soothing syrups. Theses soothing syrups were suppose to be administered to children during nursing and teething periods. The syrups were said to cure wind colic, cramps,dysentery, canker sore mouth and it banished pain. The soothing syrups did as their name implied because they contained: morphine sulfate, chloroform, morphine, hydro chloride, codeine, heroin, powdered opium and cannabis indica. However, the soothing syrups would sometimes result in the death of infants. High mortality rates of children due to overdose of the narcotic concoctions lead to the decline in use of these syrups.

Extreme measures seemed to be the norm in the 19th century, apart from narcotic filled cough syrups for babies, there was also Heroin usage to cure coughs. Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs known to man. Medically heroin was used for the the suppression of coughs; it was developed by Bayer the makers of aspirin. More invasive methods were sometimes used in medical history. For instance, lobotomies to cure mental issues. The act of lobotomy involved a doctor using an ice pick and entering through the eye socket into the brain and scrapping off pieces of the brain to rid the patient of mental illnesses, depression or anxiety.

Medicine and medical practices has seen the inventions of many gadgets to aid in the practice of treatment. One such device the vibrator was intended to cure female hysteria. Signs and symptoms of female hysteria included nervousness, “tendency to cause trouble” and irritability. The initial cure for the disease involved doctors manually massaging the vaginal area of a woman until she achieved ”hysterical paroxysm”. However, most doctors suffered from hand strain when trying to help their patients achieve hysterical paroxysm , so the solution was the invention of the vibrator. These unbelievable medical practices have shaped the way for advancement in technology, medical practices and medical safety. We have learned and adapted from the past practices and the medical field has significantly grown from the past experiences and practices.

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