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For many, success means financial prosperity, popularity, or a thriving business. CEOs, best-selling authors, politicians, and celebrities are all considered successful. Dan Schawbel, a Forbes Contributor, had the privilege of interviewing over 1,200 of these successful people. He found that they all had similar traits:

1. They have good intuition when making big decisions

Successful people fearlessly make the hard choices. They know when it is time to leave a company, abandon an idea, leave their job or start a new business.

2. They go beyond expectations

Successful people love new challenges. That is why they tend to perform duties outside of their job descriptions and are willing to take on the jobs that no one else wants to do.

3. They view failure as an inevitable path to success

Successful people learn and grow from their failures because they know that they will fail more times than they succeed. The lessons from their failures translate into better decision making in the future. That is why they keep on persevering to reach their goals.

4. They believe that luck is earned

Luck doesn’t happen by chance; it comes after hard work and careful planning. Successful people know that they can’t randomly get lucky. Instead they strategically map out their daily lives to ensure that things work in their favor.

5. Their goals are realistic and attainable

Successful people know their strengths and their weaknesses. Therefore when they set goals, they maximize on what they know they can do, and avoid their weaknesses. As a result, their goals are focused, big-picture, and obtainable.

6. They accept responsibility for their actions.

Successful people are very self-dependent and they don’t blame others for their mistakes. Instead, they take accountability for their actions and avoid repeating their errors.

7. They are the change-makers

Successful people don’t wait for the perfect timing to achieve their goals. Instead, they make change and create trends.

8. They are flexible to economic changes

They are willing to make changes to stay relevant. Successful people recognize that stagnation will get them nowhere. That is why they are constantly coming up with new ideas and learning other skills so that they will be able to execute their ideas.

9. They can articulate their story

Successful people have mastered their “elevator pitch”. They can concisely, confidently and convincingly tell you who they are and what they do. They are also very good at persuasion.

10. They’ve mastered networking

Successful people know that they don’t know everything, so they tend to find the right people who can give them sound advice. Also, they are always willing to reciprocate the favor.

11. They are eternal students

Most people think that when they graduate school, that’s it. Alternatively, successful people are life-long learners who are enthusiastic about learning new things and gaining new experiences.

12. They are fully aware of what they can contribute to the world

Successful people are very confident about their roles in the world. They have a clear mission and vision and they try to achieve this daily by leading themselves and others.

13. The journey is more exciting than the financial reward

Successful people aren’t enthusiastic about getting rich quick. They prefer to take the longer journey which involves hard work, risk-taking and creativity, to ensure that what they achieve is sustainable in the long-term.

14. They are creators

Instead of consuming what is already there, successful people create what you will use in the future. They make the things that other people want. 

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