The Diets That Could Help You Live To 100 Years Old

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Take it from those who’ve done it. People wouldn’t mind living to be gray and old if they were promised better health and mobility at the age of a hundred years old. The secret of the longevity of people who have gotten to that age is in what they eat.

Amongst those privileged elderly citizens, many are Seventh Day Adventists, many live in Okinawa and Ikaria. Many of those who live longer are Christians who believe that a human’s diet was supposed to be strictly plant based. Get 95% of your food from plants. Become more acquainted with salad meals and green teas. Their beliefs stems from the words of the bible; in Genesis to be exact, about the creation of the world. So go on and fill your plates with greens and eat lots of fruits.

Toss the idea that every meal has to have meat out the window. Reduce your intake of meat to twice a week! And when you do eat it, don’t eat a whole bowl of it to compensate for the meat less days. Trade your chicken and beef for a fish meal. Eat three ounces of fish a day and you will live longer.

Eat meals with asparagus and beans. These are simple meals quite unlike the five dish meals we consume daily.

Our daily diets are filled with snacks in between our meals. If you want to live longer, I suggest that you say bye to every high carb, or high in sugar snack and drinks like soda. Eat nut-bars or roasted nuts instead. Cashews and almonds are a quite lovely I’m told.

Water is life. You’ve heard it many times before. If you want a longer life, logic says to drink more water. Drink eight glasses of eight ounces of water every day! Now if you get tired of the taste of water, you’ll be glad to hear that you are advised to drink a glass of red wine every day.

This diet is beginning to sound so very appealing.

If you are used to a diet high in carbs, and you constantly have bread for you breakfast, and you don’t want to let it go, I have good news. You can eat bread. Just switch to sourdough or whole-wheat bread. Replacing the white flour dough will let you live until every hair on your head if silver-gray.

In Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, the secret to live 100 years is a diet of beans, corn and squash. Those three staples, plus papayas, yams, bananas and peach palms will help sustain the human body for a longer period of time.

People say that eating healthy is expensive. And though it might be in the beginning, I’m sure you’ll find that it’s a lot cheaper than regular doctor visits in the years to come. Unhealthy eating affects the body terribly. The human body will not perform well if it does not receive the necessary nutrients for a good life.

Whilst persons from different regions of the world swear by a variety of foods to help a person meet the century’s mark, they all agree that some products should not be amongst the things we do eat. Things to avoid are processed sugars, dairy products and red meat. Habits of smoking need to be stopped as well.

Avoid fast food restaurants. If you have the right reason for following a diet such as this, you won’t need a cheat day to indulge yourself in fatty foods sold at these restaurants.

Diet is not the only factor that promotes a long life, but it sure does go a long way. Remember, if you put rocks into the fuel tank of a car; don’t expect it to get very far.  

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