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Acceptance is the action of approval and self acceptance can be described as the process of knowing yourself to be adequate, valid or enough. It becomes about embracing every aspect of yourself and understanding that you are only human and that no one is perfect. The sooner you are able to accept yourself it will lead to an improve quality of life, happiness and better mental health. There are many ways that you can adopt a better sense of self acceptance. These steps to self acceptance will lead you to being the best version of yourself that you can be and learning to love yourself, flaws and all.

Learning to accept yourself can be a difficult thing because sometimes you are not the person that you wish you were. However, it can take a simple act of helping others for you to realize that you are an ever changing being and you can become a better person. By performing a charitable act it allows for introspection of self, by doing something for others and expecting nothing in return it helps you to grow internally and you see every opportunity as one to develop yourself socially and mentally. Selfless charity will help develop you into a better person and it is a great step forward in self acceptance.

Try faking it until it becomes natural. Faking self acceptance may seem a bit of a stretch but it can greatly impact your realization. What we believe is what we perceive and by faking a level of self acceptance, the mind will start to believe that the positive reinforcement of being a better person is beneficial. Your actions will follow your thoughts and you will begin to practice compassion towards others, which will bring about an abundance of positive energy back to you. The cycle of thought to action will continue until it is second nature and you have accepted your self fully.

Remember to be kind to yourself. It makes no sense ruling your mind and body with an iron will, be lenient with yourself, understand that there will be things that you possess great strengths in and other things that are your weaknesses. Do not belittle yourself in thought or action and speak kindness to yourself. By practicing these steps you will be inviting kindness into your personal space and also exuding kindness outward to others. Being an absolute critic of yourself will only result in depression and self loathing. Offer yourself constructive criticism ,if you must critic and focus on solutions to different life’s problems rather than focusing on the negative issues that you find within your self. Be kind to yourself so that others may follow suit.

When stepping into self acceptance and performing all these internal fixes, it is also beneficial to note that certain aspects of your exterior life has to change as well. By taking a conscious account of your life inside and out , you will be able to accept yourself for who you are. Realize the people who are bringing you down can no longer occupy space in your life and need to be kept at a distance and grow in strength by surrounding yourself with positive people who return your compassion, empathy and kindness. 

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