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A restful night's sleep promotes many benefits towards a healthier life. Getting a good nights rest rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. It allows for better thought processing because the mind has been adequately rested. The body experiences the total benefits from more restful hours and has time to perform repairs to vital organs and systems in the body as a result of a good nights sleep. Benefits also include skin becoming more radiant and glowing from restful sleep. Sleep brings about a more rejuvenated, renewed you and will improve your overall health

1. Practice watching your eating habits and be mindful of certain foods that cause heartburn and indigestion as these can cause you to toss and turn and keep you up at night. Opt for lighter meals inclusive of more vegetables and fruits. Experiencing mid night wakes can leave you irritable the following day and cause your day to not be as productive as you planned. Ensure that you get a full nights rest by eating well and avoiding certain foods that are known to cause indigestion .

2. The body responds to yoga and meditation practices almost instantly. Yoga channels specific energies around the body and if used correctly before bed it can be beneficial. Take some time before bed to practice yoga , specifically geared towards reducing insomnia, or practice meditation and deep breathing. Deep breathing before bed can significantly calm you down, it will calm down your mental processing so that you can drift away to sleep much easier. Including these practices as part of your nightly habits will help you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer.

3. Another way to get better sleep is by turning off electronic device’s or simply putting them away. By doing this you will essentially be telling your brain to power off , as well. Electronics represent productivity and work. If they remain on, the mind will not be able to ignore them and it will continue to capture information from the devices. To ensure a better nights rest and to get more sleep put the electronics away till the next day.

4. The bedroom is a major factor in your sleep habits, it is important to keep a bedroom that promotes sleep and restfulness. Try having darker colors as part of your color scheme in your bedroom, also make sure that you are at your most comfortable. Ensure that you have enough pillows and sheets and your bed is the right fit for your body. Your bedroom needs to be an ideal spot for relaxation and comfort so that it can promote more restful sleeping.

5. Power naps are beneficial but try limiting the number of naps that you take during the day, as it could throw off your night time sleeping habits.  

The body thrives when it is well rested and by performing all these little things like turning off electronics, having a comfortable bedroom, trying yoga and eating right will produce best results when trying to achieve a good nights sleep.

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