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Practicing medicine has always been experimental on the basis that from the very beginning of time, it was a matter of doing something for the first time to find out if it worked. Even after performing an act of experimental treatment, it still was not widely accepted until it had been performed a number of times with positive results majority of the time. This is the basis of modern medicine, trial and error. The same can be seen with modern but bizarre alternative treatments. The term alternative means that there is already a prescribed way of doing things but someone has now discovered that there might be another way to get to the same results . In some cases these practices may be less than appealing, strange or down right disgusting but they work none the less.

Take for instance Maggot Debridement Therapy where maggots are placed inside an infected wound and begin eating the rotting and infected flesh till the wound is rid of all dead cells ,then the maggots seek removal . Since the maggots only eat rotting flesh this modern but bizarre alternative treatment works very well, it is especially beneficent in cases where the bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. Animals have long since been used in the medical world, like dogs being companions to the blind. This is why , though maggots are disgusting they play an integral part in performing a task that will help someone get rid of an infected wound.

Mother nature isn’t the only thing providing healing treatment, scientist have discovered that by using the same technology to freeze bodies in liquid nitrogen that is performed during cryogenic freezing, can be used to provide the body with significant benefits. ‘Cryotherapy’ or cryogenic chamber therapy utilizes just three minutes using a cryogenic chamber and exposing the body to temperatures of -120 degrees Fahrenheit. The theory claims that this exposure shocks the system that then gives a rush of hormones to improve immune response and sporting abilities and it also provides relief of pain.

Golfers have also sworn by the ‘Q Link pendant’ that increases mental and physical performance. The Q link pendant claims that it can improve an individuals bio-field. The bio-field is described as a subtle field that permeates and extends beyond the physical body. Since a persons bio-field is said to be negatively impacted by televisions, computers , cell phones and emotional stress it is important to have something that boost it’s resistance from negativity. The Q Link products are said to amplify your bio-field that will harmonize your energy and will allow you to go through a stressful world more seamlessly.

Alternative treatments though bizarre and sometimes off putting can be very beneficial to someone who has tried other options but has not been able to get the results that they thought they would. It is important to try different things and compare to see which works best for you, since every human being is unique and or bodies ,though they function the same, they can react to treatments and practices very differently. Modern but bizarre alternative treatments are worth a try.

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