Millionaires and Billionaires Who Started From The Bottom

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We all know that every celebrity wasn't born rich, but most of us expect them to at least be born with some kind of money to their name. Well this isn't the case for the celebrities on our list. Some of them came from poor neighborhoods, were abused as children and came from broken homes. But they dusted their shoulders off and made a name for themselves. They are now millionaires and billionaires who are enjoying the spoils on their hard work!

Shawn Corey Carter (Jay Z)

He has received 21 Grammy Awards for his music and is a rapper, songwriter, businessman, husband and father.

Abandoned by his father at 11 years old, his mother became a single parent. The family lived in a rough neighborhood and Jay Z soon became a crack cocaine dealer and familiar with gun violence, even using a gun himself.

His experiences would be told through his lyrics as he detailed the harsh life he’s lived. Not being able to land a record deal with any major label, Jay Z sold his CDs out of his car. Since then Jay Z’s career has spanned over two decades with his albums consistently reaching number ones on the charts.