Just How Bad Is Negative Energy For You?

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Control is a very important tool when dealing with your mind and learning how to master your thoughts so you can ultimately  keep a positive outlook on life. Negativity affects how you feel by shifting your focus away from the positive uplifting effects of life. This is because it allows you to dwell on things passed and beyond your control.

Energies need to focused and driven and having a negative mindset or being a negative person will ultimately keep you back from being your true self. Life needs to be lived in positivity so that you open yourself up to the abundance the universe has to offer. The power that lies in negativity is the exact same that lies in positivity, meaning that they both feed a certain part of you. Negative energy feeds the following in your life:

Stress Enhancers- Everyday life has many stressful moments but with a negative mindset or thinking negatively , it only enhances the stress levels in your life. Negativity allows you to believe that things are a lot worse than they actually are.

Regrets: Negativity will keep you back from trying new things. Constantly over-thinking about an outcome of something will inhibit you from ever giving it a shot , to find out the true outcome. You will live a life of regrets with constant negative thinking.

Lack of friends/ meaningful relationships - Nobody wants to be around a “negative Nancy’, if you are constantly lowering the energies when you are around people, or flooding an event with negative criticism, thinking or remarks, people will no longer want to spend time with you. This can be especially detrimental in romantic relationships.

Low self esteem - a pep talk to yourself in the morning can make a significant difference in how your day goes. The same can be seen when we talk down to our elves or think negatively about our self. Negativity feeds low self esteem by constantly nit picking at your flaws and comparing yourself to others.

To bring about change in your life you must take control of your mind and make the conscious decision to think positively. Adopt the habit of self motivation, give yourself a boost by reminding yourself that you are unique, only human and a positive person. Refrain from comparing your self to others in looks and achievements and understand that things take time. If you do not want to go somewhere , learn to say no. Do not allow yourself to be dragged to places, only to flood the room with negative energy because you did not want to be there in the first place.

Take a chance at something that you have always wanted to do and do not over think the outcome , rather enjoy the experience and journey. Take time to relax when things get to be too much to handle. It is important that you keep yourself balanced and that you stay as positive as you can . If a situation is too stressful try removing yourself from it, if you cannot remove yourself take time to mediate and unwind and do not carry the problem with you to bed.

Just like any other action negativity can be controlled, make a mindful decision to take away the power from negativity by starving all the little things that it thrives on.

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