How Tyler Perry Went From Two Attempted Suicides To A Worldwide Success

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Change is necessary in life, and as human beings we must learn not to dwell on the past but rather use the past as building blocks and learning curves to take on the unknown future. We determine the outcome of our lives by every decision we make. This holds true for the celebrity Tyler Perry, who went from two attempted suicides to achieving worldwide fame.

Tyler Perry is known for his hilarious films and Broadway productions highlighting scenarios and events that occur in the lives of African Americans and Caucasians alike. He blends seamlessly outlandish humor with profound wisdom, so that a good laugh is followed by a learning experience. His films are a testament to his ability to see the brighter side in life and persevere despite hardships.

Tyler Perry rose to fame with the movie ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’, released in 2005. However, his upbringing was far from a fairy tale; it was plagued by two attempted suicides.Tyler Perry was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and had to deal with an abusive father. Tyler recounts his childhood experiences with his father by saying that his father’s answer to everything “was to beat it out of you.” Growing up with an abusive father lead to many years of depression and drove Tyler Perry to attempt to take his own life by means of cutting his wrists.

Perry was also sexually molested by four different adults, 3 of which were males and one female. After the failed suicide attempt Perry focused his energy on writing out his past experiences. He was inspired by one of Oprah Winfrey’s shows, where she spoke about using writing as a way to let go. This was the beginning of his writing career, he used his experience to jump start his career and give his characters life. However the road to success was not smoothly paved. There were many bumps along the way and Perry insisted on having complete creative control of all aspects of his productions, so in most cases he ended up losing lots of money and time.

Tyler Perry’s refusal to give up and his unwavering determination paid off in the long run . He was ranked by Forbes as the highest paid man in 2011. He gave life to a genre of theater and film that was missing flare and class. Tyler Perry did this not only for himself but for a number of other African American actors, by giving them an outlet to play characters that were not stereotypical, but characters that were well developed and suited their culture and experiences. By elevating himself and not giving up on his goals no matter how outlandish , difficult or time consuming it was Tyler Perry was able to achieve a level of success that outshines his troubled past.

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