Heroes Who Overcame All Odds And Thrive Despite Being Sick

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If you know anything about being sick, then you know it's not pretty. Some of us are lucky enough to no be ill for a long time, but a lot of us are not. The people on this list have struggled with chronic diseases, disabilities, conditions and sicknesses that would get the better of anyone. But they rose above it and didn't let their illnesses stop them. Here are 30 people who thrived, despite being sick. 

Michael Phelps, ADHD

A fidgety kindergartener whose teacher said “…will never be able to focus on anything” grew up to become the most decorated Olympian of all time. He boasts 28 medals, which include 23 Gold medals, and currently holds 7 world records. Though he struggled in academics Michael Phelps found his passion and channeled his focus into swimming.