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Have you been feeling drained lately? Completely worn out and you don’t know why? Here are a few reasons why you feel like you’ve been living on ‘E’ for a really long time.

1. You have said yes to too many opportunities, making you feel responsible for them all. You may become overwhelmed by the pressure you feel. This is emotionally draining and can be mentally exhaustive.

2. When your body is ready for its rest after a hard day’s work, you keep it up with energy drinks and coffee so you can get more work done. Sleep is of utmost importance for the overall health the body.

3. You’ve gotten your fuel pumps switched. The body requires foods that provide it with the right nutrients in the correct proportions. If it is fed with unhealthy food, sweets, an given no water, then your body begins to utilize what its stores for energy. This will leave you feeling weak and faint.

4. Lack of exercise can be a reason for your fatigue. When your body is not used to physical training, if in a rush, you may feel extremely exhausted.

5. It may be that you suffer from an illness unknown to you for example diabetes or anemia. Go see a doctor if you are unable to identify the cause of your fatigue.

Now that you know some possible reason why you feel tired, let’s take a look at why it is important to keep your energy up.

1. If you do work that requires you to be constantly alert, you will need to be energized. Anyone who feels tired will find it difficult to focus properly. This can be a disastrous in some work environments such as a hospital or an engineering site.

2. Emergencies tend to appear unexpectedly. Nothing may prepare you for life’s curve ball; however, being energized leads a person to think a lot clearer. Better and more satisfying decisions can be made.

3. Keep your energy up so that you can tackle everything on your daily to do list. If you do, you won’t find yourself starting out with enthusiasm that quickly dwindles before you are eve half way through done.

4. It is important to be energized for the persons that rely on you. If you’re a single parent who works as well, you can’t help your toddler if you cannot find the strength to get out of bed.

5. Being energized will have great effects on your health. You will reduce the possibility of having high blood pressure. You will feel more relaxed, even in stressful situations.

 Now that you know all of this, here are a few ways to help you fill your empty fuel tanks again.

1. Go to bed on time. Allow the body to rejuvenate. Give it your body a break and rest in your appointed time.

2. When you think of working out, you probably think of sore muscles and excessive sweating. And whilst exercising does leave one tired, it gives you the boost you need when late or in rush.

3. Eat healthy people! You won’t have energy if you don’t feed yourself it. And before you go getting busy with all that needs to be done, eat first. Don’t go using up energy that you dot have. Eat a high energy diet.

4. Avoid stressful situations.

5. Drink lots of water and take dietary supplements.

6. If diagnosed with a disease that causes fatigue, ensure to do everything prescribed by your physician.

7. Do not smoke or take any harmful substances that will affect the functioning of your body.

8. Cut down your intake of caffeine.

9. Try some home remedies, like drinking potato water. It provides the body with potassium that when coupled with magnesium, is an energy booster. 

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