Craziest Life Comebacks In History Teach Us To Never Give Up

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Angelina Jolie

Watching films with her mother inspired Jolie’s career to become an actress.It would take many years before her career took off professionally and she would have to overcomemany struggles. 

Some of the other issues she struggled with included drug abuse, of which she has said that she’s done every drug possible. Depression was also constant in her early years so she became suicidal.

Never feeling like she fit in at school, she was constantly picked on because her mother didn’t earn as much as the other families did. Even as a teenager, it was still difficult for Jolie to connect with anyone so she found solace in cutting herself, till she was admitted to a psych ward for a nervous break down. Two years later, after she adopted her first child and became a mother, her life got back on track.

Since then Jolie has enjoyed a long, exciting career and life on and off screen.