30 Health Hacks That Could Change Your Life

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These days everyone is looking for a hack. A hack to do certain things faster, a hack to make certain body parts look bigger and hacks to make your teeth even whiter. But what about hacks that'll help you become healthier. Well we've done that for you today. Here are 30 natural health hacks: 

1. Smell the zesty goodness of an orange

Give yourself a more relaxed feeling by smelling an orange. The scent of oranges can lower anxiety and make you calmer.

2. Put away the device's and be present when eating

Practice mindfulness whiles you eat, enjoy the taste and sight of your food. Put away distractions while you eat and take time to chew properly.

3. Lavender for lazier sleep time

The smell of lavender promotes deeper sleep, dab a few drops of essential oil on your pillow for a more restful night

4. Floss! your teeth will thank you

Adopt the practice of flossing to get rid of food stuck in between your teeth and to keep your oral hygiene perfect

5. Practice 20/20/20 rule with your eyes

A simple rule to keep your perfect 20/20 vision. For every 20 minutes take a 20 second break and look at an object 20 meters away.

6. Meditate for 10 minutes

Find a quiet spot and try quick meditation, the benefits include higher energy levels. No need to go for an hour , take a quick 10 minute mediation to feel an instant energy boost.

7. Have a good stretch.

Keep your muscles from tensing up by giving your body a good stretch , focus on the muscles that you use everyday and also the ones that take a lot of pressure like your back and neck.

8. Take a walk

Instead of driving opt to take a walk instead, this simple hack will not only save on gas but it also ensures that your body stays in motion and gets a quick workout.

9. Sip Herbal Tea

Relax with a cup of herbal tea. Most herbal teas contain antioxidants that are beneficial for controlling the free radicals produced during oxidation.

10. Put away the technology after work

Unwind from the day by putting away the technology. If it has a screen put it down, give your body time to power off and recharge.

11.Go to bed earlier

Get a jump start on your day by waking up earlier by going to bed earlier. Allow the body to rest

12 .Give yourself a facial

Scrub away all the dead skin from your face and uncover the new radiant skin that lies underneath by treating yourself to a facial

13. Mind your posture

Be mindful of your posture when seating at work . Keep your neck and back from suffering pain by practicing proper posture

14. Take the stairs

Go for the stairs instead of the elevator, to keep your body going and add in that extra workout without working out.

15. Prep meals on Sunday

Save your self time by prepping your meals for the week on Sunday, this will ensure that you eat healthy and save money.

16. Eat outside

Get some fresh air, do not stay locked in your office all day. Try eating outside and enjoying the breeze.

17. Laugh

Laughter is therapy for the soul, allow yourself to have a hearty laugh and enjoy life.

18. Try lemon water

Lemon water can boost your energy because lemons contain many nutrients and antioxidants that reduce inflammation and clears up your skin.

19. Forget the high heels

Apart from keeping you from walking briskly , high heels also puts a strain on the knees, back and feet. Go for flats instead.

20. Go for something green

Smoothies are packed with nutrients and are an easy way to get your recommended fiber intake. Go green


21. Learn something new

Challenge your mind with new information, expand your intellect by learning something new and exercising your brain power.

22.Carry water everywhere you go.

Carry a bottle of water everywhere you go , drinking water has many positive benefits for your body.

24.Take a cold shower

Cold showers improve circulation, boost immunity and tighten pores, next time reach for the cold water faucet to reap the benefits of a cold shower.

25 .Use coconut oil on your teeth

Coconut oil benefits include whitening properties and it is an antibacterial, it is perfect for brushing your teeth.

26. Keep peppermint close by

The smell of peppermint will improve accuracy and workouts.

27. Drink Coffee

Coffee is said to decrease the risk of cancer and improve mental focus. Keep it black and light on the sugar.

28. Deodorize with Lemon

Give your armpits a break from harsh antiperspirants and try natural lemon instead.

29. Let it out

Swearing out loud during workouts will help take your mind off the pain , and allow you to push for an extra rep at the gym

30. Cherry Juice for Speedy Recovery

After a tough workout , go for a glass of cherry juice it will recharge your system and make your body feel much better after a workout.

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